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August 1st, 2015 by admin

Brothers and sisters in the Fraternity of Blessed Charles of Jesus

I introduce to you the medals and pins of Br. Charles for the upcoming Centennial year starting December 1st, 2015.

I have taken the initiative to produce these medals, lapel pins, and Jesus Caritas crosses.  All these items were made in China, in very large quantities to keep the price low, so that anyone, any where in the world, can afford to have one.

Fr   Lenny Tighe, Boston MA USA

Click on the Centennial Shop Medals on the left menu or the image below.

April 15th, 2015 by admin


DECEMBER 1, 1916-DECEMBER 1, 2016


100 years anniversary of the death of Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Beginning this December 1, 2015 begins a yearlong celebration of the life and death of Blessed Charles of Jesus. Shot to death, December 1, 1916 in the obscure village of Tamanrasset deep in the Sarah of Algeria, it’s hard to believe that someone who died alone could be the founder of 16 religious congregations. His spiritual children are now in every country on earth, and purposely in the most remote and poorest cities and villages.

Joined together, we are asked by the International Association Charles de Foucauld to do everything we can to use this year both for personal growth, and in some way as a country, dioceses, or whatever possible, to share his life and spirituality. The Association asks us to use this year to promote, make known and in any way to bring his life and contemplative spirituality to the attention of our people.

We have no press releases, there is no one who can charge of this endeavor. We are not organized in any way to do this. It would be a wonderful time to use Catholic magazines, newspapers and other media possible. Maybe you know someone who could aid us in this little mission. We know that Pope Francis is doing a wonderful job for the spirituality of Blessed Charles. His message of fraternal love and the rejection of paternalism is so much at the core of who Blessed Charles was.

As we say: no attitude.

Can you, will you in any way join with us the international family of Blessed Charles throughout the world to use this year to share his life with others?

We welcome any comments, or suggestions.

Br Charles Collage

September 3rd, 2013 by admin

Syria For You We Are Praying

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the North American Lay Fraternities,

I want to pass on to you this urgent letter and appeal from Maha of the fraternity in Syria for our prayers for all the suffering people of Syria and the Middle East.  It was sent by Rania of Lebanon who is the regional responsable for the Lay Fraternity in the Arab World.

Just a quick reminder that we will have our November meeting of Community Representatives at  Tabor House in Tarrytown, NY on Saturday, Nov. 23.  Hope every group can send at least 1 representative.  Please send any agenda items you may have.

If anyone has pictures of the June 1 Assembly in Philadelphia, they would be appreciated for our website.  If anyone has an article they’ve written, particularly about their local community or an aspect of fraternity life in general, please forward so it can be sent on for the International Bulletin which comes out twice yearly.

We invite each member to make a yearly gift to the North American Account/Caisse in order for us in turn to have something to send to our brothers and sisters of the Continental Team (Luis and Adrian Torres of Buenos Aires) and the International Team in Europe (Sylvana and Claudio Chiaruttini).

Thank you in advance for your prayers, support and generosity.

In Jesus Caritas and fraternal service,

Frank and Ciro
Co-responsables,  North American Lay Fraternities of Charles de Foucauld


Beloved brothers and sisters all over the world,
During these critical circumstances that Syria faces, and these threats of imminent war, 
I ask you kindly to pray deeply for the rulers of the world who control this decision may our Lord open their hearts… 
And pray for this country, Syria and the painful east, to limit the bloodshed and
Give us His mercy and peace.
We all united through prayers
Your sister from Syria
Queridos hermanos y hermanas de todo el mundo,
En estas circunstancias críticas que enfrenta Siria y la amenaza inminente de guerra,
Les ruego que oren profundamente a los líderes mundiales que controlan la decisión. Que nuestro Señor les abra el corazón a la bondad…
Oren por este país, Siria, por la dolorosa situación en la que se pasa y a limitar el derramamiento de sangre.
Que nuestro Dios nos de su misericordia y paz.
Siempre unidos en la oración
Su hermana Siria
Chers frères et sœurs du monde entier,
Pendant ces circonstances critiques, qui font face à la Syrie, et ces menaces de guerre imminente,
Je vous prie de bien vouloir prier profondément pour les dirigeants du monde qui contrôlent cette décision. Que notre Seigneur ouvre leurs cœurs à la bonté …
Prions pour ce pays, la Syrie, pour la douloureuse situation par laquelle il passe, pour limiter l’effusion de sang.
Que notre Bon Dieu nous donne sa miséricorde et sa paix.
Toujours unis par la prière
Votre sœur de la Syrie
Maha Kardouh