Brother Charles De Foucauld

North American Jesus Caritas Communities


North America


Mary Dunbar,

Onalis Hernandez,(Spanish Speaking Fraternities)


Boston Massachusetts


Lorraine Kelly,

Frank O’Sullivan,


Brooklyn New York Transfiguration

This is a largely immigrant Latino Parish where Fr. Brian Karvelis was pastor for many years. Today there are  thirteen fraternities with about 150 members. Meetings are held once a week in the homes of the members.


Mary Dunbar,

Onalis Hernandez,(Spanish Speaking Fraternities)


 Cleveland Ohio


Jim Pelikan,

Joe Conrad,


Buffalo New York

The Jesus Caritas Community of Holy Spirit Parish in Buffalo, New York, began meeting in January 2008.  We have about nine members who all come from a mental health support group we had formed in our parish.  We have a special focus on the mentally ill who may need friendship and acceptance.  Six of us attended the Annual Retreat in Clinton Ohio and learned more about Brother Charles’ spirituality.


Michele Winkelsas,


Mount Vernon New York


Gloria Quinones,

Stella DeFreitas,


Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Started about 13 years ago, the Jesus Caritas Fraternity meets the second Saturday of the month in St. Malachy Church and Rectory at 1429 North 11th Street Philadelphia PA 19103.

For information regarding the Jesus Caritas Lay Fraternity at St. Malachy Church


Phyllis Grady,

Jim McGovern,



Montreal Quebec

 The Jesus Caritas Lay Fraternity in Montreal was initiated in the 1950’s’.  In the 1990’s, Fraternity life underwent a revival with the emergence of a fraternity of young adults.  Today , The Lay Fraternity in Montreal consists of 8 members of all walks of life.  In each monthly meeting, the Fraternity begins with a frugal supper and then proceeds to the Revision of Life and sharing of the Gospel.  Meetings end with adoration of  the Blessed Sacrament.

For information  regarding the Lay Fraternity in Montreal