Brother Charles De Foucauld

North American Jesus Caritas Communities

Who We Are

We are Lay Fraternities/Communities across North America, small faith communities whose members follow the example of Charles de Foucauld. We are men and women who wish to help each other to follow Jesus and to live the Gospel.  The Fraternity is open to all those who are drawn by the message of Brother Charles.

Members of the Fraternity are called to live the hidden life of Nazareth by not only proclaiming the Gospel in our words but also ”To cry out the Gospel with our lives”.  We are called to live in solidarity with the poor.  We are to be the living presence of Christ in the midst of the world.

Just as Brother Charles did Fraternity members wish to model their lives on the example of Jesus Christ.  We welcome Him in His Word by reading and reflecting on the Gospels, through Eucharistic adoration, and receiving Him In Eucharist – the real presence of God among us. We commit ourselves to spending daily time in prayer, yearly retreats and desert days.

We commit ourselves in a special way to live in solidarity with the poor by living a simple life, which is counter to our consumer society, and by recognizing in all people, particularly our neighbors, a brother and a sister to love, and especially the most abandoned who are in need of material, spiritual or moral support.

By their life in fraternity, members are called to have mutual understanding and affection for each other and to be aware of the others’ need whatever it may be.  Fraternity members are called to live a true conversion of heart, particularly through the ”Review of Life” where they are called to scrutinize their personal and public lives in accordance with the demands of the Gospel.

Our North American (USA and Canada) association (North American Assembly of Jesus Caritas Communities) meet annually and we maintain close relations with the religious orders of the Brother Charles family as well as the Jesus Caritas Priest fraternities in the USA. There are lay fraternities in over forty nations with over six thousand members.  Our International association, the Lay Fraternity of Brother Charles de Foucauld offers a means of mutual support for these communities through out the world.