Brother Charles De Foucauld

North American Jesus Caritas Communities

Journey to Tamanrasset

Charles de Foucauld

Journey to Tamanrasset
By Antoine Chatelard

Translation into English by Little Sister Cathy, Little Sisters of Jesus, Chicago.

Not published in the USA

Published in Bangalore, India by Claration Fathers Press

From the Introduction

“This book grew out of a session that was given in Lyon, France for the lay communities of Charles de Foucauld from July 26, 1998 to August 2, 1998. The text, which had been taped, transcribed and edited, had kept its oral style and appeared under the title Un Regard Neuf sur Charles de Foucauld. The supplies quickly ran out and continuing interest has led to a new re-working and editing of the text.

What is still to be said about this man that has not been said before? Why another book about someone who has already been the subject of so many biographies?

I have tried to approach the life and writings of Charles de Foucauld by limiting myself to certain events and circumstances of his life in detail. In so doing I have tried to respect the context and chronology of those events in order to discover the true motivation behind them. I had to resist the temptation to answer the needs of those who desired a chronological overview of his journey. Instead, my research led me over paths where few had traveled before.”


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