Brother Charles De Foucauld

North American Jesus Caritas Communities

General Information

8.1   Internet Sites


International Web sites :

Link to the full copy of the ‘The Little Guide’ on this website (PDF format).   You will find here, among other things:

–            data-base of books and materials on Brother Charles de Foucauld and his spirituality in several languages.

–            links to other branches of the Spiritual Family of Brother Charles

–            current events and news

8.2   International Bulletin

Link to the ‘International Bulletins’ on this website (PDF format).

The International Bulletin  is published twice a year in French, English and Spanish. Some extracts are translated into other languages such as Arabic and Korean.  To receive the  Bulletin  contact members of the International Team.

8.3    Living the Gospel with Charles de Foucauld  


This publication is addressed to those who want to know more about the spirituality of Brother Charles, as well as those who already are in the Fraternity but wish to deepen their spirituality and commitment through reading, meditation, and sharing. Essential biblical references, are presented together with texts from Brother Charles and questions for a “Review of Life”.  To receive “Living the Gospel…  , contact members of the International Team.


8.4   Charles de Foucauld and His Spiritual Family


This is a brochure that presents the 19 branches of the spiritual Family of  Brother Charles with their history, their present number of members and the characteristics of each branch  (way of life, mission, essential aspects). It also shows the locations of the different branches in the world over.    To receive it,  contact members of the International Team.